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For over two decades now, Ron Cadman has been intimately involved in the real estate markets on either side of the U.S.-Canadian border. He has been successful both in Canada and the United States in terms of the real estate business. Indeed, Ron Cadman actually learned the real estate trade in the United States, despite being from Canada. He and his brother moved to Phoenix, Arizona, in order to learn the real estate trade from an established professional. Today, Ron Cadman is still active in the real estate markets all over North America, but he has placed a special focus on Phoenix, Arizona.

Ron Cadman and his brother eventually returned to Canada and began developing real estate businesses there, but they did not sever their ties to either the United States, generally, or Phoenix, specifically. Ron Cadman and his brother own and run two real estate investment funds in Phoenix. These two real estate investment funds combined hold over one hundred residential, single-family, homes in the area. The Arizona Acquisition Fund and the Valley of the Sun are the names of these funds, with Arizona Acquisition Fund holding the majority of the homes. Phoenix is a real estate market that consistently ranks at the top of studies concerning growth in housing, so it is a good market to be involved with.