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Ron Cadman has been working in the Canadian and United States’ real estate field for many years. Indeed, Ron Cadman has over two decades of experience working on either side of the border with real estate space. Ron Cadman works side-by-side with his brother, with both of them developing their presence in the real estate industry by being involved in multiple real estate projects.

It was in 1984 that Ron Cadman first got involved in real estate ventures. He moved from Red Deer, Alberta, in Canada, to Phoenix, Arizona, in order to begin working closely with a real estate developer. This allowed him to learn the important trade of how to develop and renovate residential properties and capitalize on their potential value creation.

Ron and his brother Travis learned a great deal about the real estate industry during their time in Arizona, but they soon left to travel to Victoria, British Columbia. In 1989 they began developing real estate in the area, including in commercial, land syndication, residential, and multi-family real estate. In 1997 both of them felt called home to Red Deer, in Alberta. It was here that they further developed their real estate prowess. In 2001, Ron and his brother founded a single family and multi-family home development firm. CBI Group Investments was founded in 2005—this is a company founded by Ron Cadman and his brother that has excelled by providing top quality real estate investment products to North American investors.

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